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HV Golden eucalyptus bush - 40x30 cm - Polystyrene

HV Golden eucalyptus bush - 40x30 cm - Polystyrene

SKU: 202800

IF YOU FAKE IT YOU MAKE IT! - For all you plant lovers (and especially plant killers) we present our newest party of the plants! These artificial branches of eucalyptus is in the shape of a long bush so you can put it into various vases. These plant branches are forever and you don't have to take care of it. Thanks to the flexible branches, you can shape the bush so it will fit many types of vases.

Important features:
- Made of polystyrene
- Flexible branches
- Size: 40x 30 cm

Styling advice: Place this bush with golden eucalyptus branches in a vase or clip it on a metal memo rack.

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