Corporate Social Responsibility

Housevitamin believes it is important not to lose sight of people and the environment in everything it does as a company. We don't do this just a few days a year, but we work on this every day. It is in our blood, in our genes and we always strive for the best and most sustainable decision that is best for all stakeholders. During our business operations, we therefore try to add value to the chain as well as to people and the environment. That is why we work hard on Corporate Social Responsibility, or actually doing business with love and care for the Environment. We have implemented social responsibility in our company as follows:



A human oriented company

  • Employees: a pleasant and inspiring workplace where you can be yourself and where you are empowered - this promotes physical and mental health and vitality.
  • Suppliers: Intensive and involved contact with suppliers, frequently factory visits. When the suppliers visit the Netherlands, they are shown around and guided by us to ensure their stay goes as smoothly as possible. We treat them as team members.
  • Customers: Thinking along and helping customers. We always agree with the customer in case of complaints. We also invest in growing customers who sell Housevitamin, for example by making sales-promoting materials available and, if necessary, exceptionally offering a longer payment term.
  • Internships: We offer interns the opportunity to develop as well as personally as professionally. We help young people to get a good start on the labor market by showing them and learning as much as possible during internships. In this way they become acquainted with the interior industry and entrepreneurship in an educational way. A number of these interns find a job at Housevitamin after completing their studies.- Transport: hospitable welcome for drivers with always a 'cup of coffee'.
  • Sponsoring companies and charities: throughout the year and especially during the holidays, we make our products available for charity.


For example: Together with Return to Sender we developed the You Matter Box which is produced in Nepal by women who receive a fair wage. The box contains cards to encourage the recipient and are made of sustainable paper from the Lokta plant. In summary, You Matter applies in the broadest sense of the word:

for you

the person you give it to

the women from Nepal and

the environment




Housevitamin's business operations take all stakeholders into account. Our mission: Making hip and sparkling living accessible to as many people as possible, we achieve by pursuing the following:

  • Learning: to be a little better every day.
  • Problem Solving: internally to all business processes and externally to customers and suppliers.
  • Trendsetting: to be as original as possible.
  • As affordable as possible with a fair revenue model.
  • Inspiring to everybody.
  • Playful, so that some light and playfulness is added to the sometimes worried lifes.



  • A better environment also starts with us and we are:
  • Energy neutral and very well insulated building.
  • Solar energy, self-sufficient.
  • No use of gas- LED-lighting.
  • Electric forklift.
  • FSC wood: we only work with inspected wood.
  • Recycled boxes for packing.
  • We are always looking for collaborations with companies that produce sustainably. An example is the collaboration with Return to Sender. In addition to supporting women in Nepal, we came into contact with the Lokta plant. A very sustainable type of paper.
  • Reuse of rejected items: we don't throw anything away and always find a way to sell or give away rejected items to organizations that can generate extra income.
  • Always examining for better ways of producing.